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The Human Rights Institute of Catalonia (IDHC) is an association, founded in 1983, devoted to the promotion, awareness-raising, counselling and training in human rights. Its purpose is the study, research, dissemination, teaching and promotion of human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective with the objective, amongst others, of improving co-operation with the citizens and peoples of developing countries.  Amongst other projects, the IDHC runs human rights training courses, organises promotion programmes like “Conflictos Olvidados” (“Forgotten Conflicts”) and “Derechos Humanos Emergentes” (“Emerging Human Rights”), and offers advice to public administrations and other organisations about human rights public policy. Further information about the IDHC can be found at , where its publications can also be downloaded free of charge.


Jaume Saura Estapà,       
David Bondía Garcia,