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Persons in charge: Jaume Saura Estapà


Human rights constitute a dynamic, unfinished reality, in a constant state of transformation. New needs and demands are continually appearing, many of which originate from the emergence of an incipient international civil society which gives voices to peoples and social groups which are normally disregarded in rights discourse. By emerging human rights we understand the legitimate claims, arising from current social needs or concerns, aimed towards the formulation of new or renewed, individual or collective human rights on the national or international level. Thus we find ourselves within the arena of de lege ferenda, although that does not prevent such rights from constituting a juridical proposal consistent with the challenges and needs of contemporary international society, on the solid basis of the positive human rights we find in comparative constitutional law and in general and regional international law.


Summary of contents:  the right to drinking water and sanitation; the right to a basic income; the right to continuous, inclusive training; the right to peace; the right to equal representation between women and men in all the public participation and management bodies; the right to personal self-determination and sexual diversity; the right to choose personal relations; the right to reproductive health; the right to guardianship of all kinds of family community; the right to the city; the right to universal mobility; the right to be consulted; the right to truth and justice; the right to global democracy.