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Persons in charge: M. Carmen Barranco Avilés
Over the last few years, a considerable amount of regulations on human rights, both on a State and on an international level, has been designed to combat the discrimination suffered by certain people and groups. The fight against discrimination is designed to combat situations of the non-fulfilment of rights in which certain groups find themselves, and also inegalitarian practices. In the fight against discrimination we may refer to different groups. By way of example, here are five of the most important (though, obviously, the list is far longer): women, children, people with disabilities, immigrants and homosexuals. In any case, it is necessary to continue making progress in this sphere by studying the implementation of anti-discriminatory legal regulations and their possible extension to other groups. These, then, are the objectives of our research in this line.
Summary of contents: Women and human rights; Children and human rights; People with disabilities and human rights; Sexual orientation and human rights; Immigration and human rights